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Local Author Publishes Two New Books


Pam Webster is a retired Methodist minister living in the Derbyshire North East Circuit. When Pam could no longer work in active ministry through ill health, she turned to writing a blog containing the sermons she would have preached if she still could. Over time, this evolved into a distinctive style of giving voice to Biblical characters. Some of her writing has appeared on the Circuit's ' Going Deeper ' daily devotions. Though no longer able to write as much as she would like, Pam has now developed some of what has been written on her blog into four books and the latest two have just been published.

Voices Through Mark journeys through the whole of Mark's gospel from John the Baptist up to the plot to kill Jesus in fifty-four voices.

We hear the voices of the characters encountering Jesus for the first time and the development of what Jesus means to them and the world.

Price £7 plus £2.00 postage.

Voices Through Lent, from ashes to sacrifice, begins with an Ash Wednesday appraisal of our lives in the light of the Ten Commandments, then we journey together through Lent up to the trial of Jesus, hearing the voices along the way.

It follows the Lectionary readings for Years A, B and C from Ash Wednesday to Lent 5.

Each of the 16 voices stands alone, but weaves together to form a whole.

Price £4.50 plus £1.50 postage

These two publications join Voices Through Advent and Christmas and Voices Through Holy Week and Easter that were published a few years ago.

All are suitable for use in private reflection or public worship.

More examples can be found on Pam's blog.

Copies of all the books are available directly from Pam at or by going to Moorleys Publishing and searching for 'Pam Webster'.

Pam is grateful to all those who have encouraged her in this project.

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